Photographer Years

After completing an associate diploma in applied photography at the Queensland College of Art – Griffith University, Sarhn moved to Sydney, the largest city in Australia at the time, in 1996.  Setting up a photography studio on Sydney Road, Balgowlah (Northern Beaches of Sydney), Sarhn’s work was viewed by the hundreds of thousands of cars that drove past weekly.  This was the exposure that really launched her career.

Sarhn’s photographic studio on Sydney Road Balgowlah NSW Australia


Renowned in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s as a people photographer specialising in capturing personality and relationships, Sarhn travelled throughout Sydney, NSW, Australia and often overseas.

In 2013, Sarhn’s life changed forever when she received the most precious gift – a beautiful baby girl.  Not long after the birth of her daughter, Sarhn and her husband moved South of Sydney to a semi-rural area.  Soon afterwards, Sarhn retired from professional photography.

Karate Years

After Sarhn and her family moved away from Sydney, she started teaching her karate skills to her daughter at home.   

In 2017, she expanded this venture and opened Wollondilly Karate, where she is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of her students.  Through her teaching, Sarhn passes on invaluable life skills like strength of character, compassion, respect, self-awareness, focus, courage, determination, discipline and confidence.

Early Writer Years

For seven years, Sarhn blogged regularly about her journey to living a more sustainable and environmentally responsible life.  Sarhn’s GreenerMe blog can still be viewed, though her last post was in 2015.

Current Writer Years

Inspired to make a positive difference on a wider audience with her martial arts teaching, Sarhn is the author of the young adult fictional novel ‘Osu’.  She teaches that great things are possible for all; one doesn’t need to be a magician, vampire, or gifted to do extraordinary things.   

“Those who achieve great feats, are not carved from a different stone,

nor are they superhuman.

They just know and do things differently.

All of which can be taught and learnt if one is open”. – Sarhn


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6 thoughts on “Autobiography”

  1. Website/Blog is looking good Sarhn. Every time I come back you have added something new. Love your photography work – as always!


  2. Hey, do you do parties? I have a friends 18th Birthday in a few weeks and would like to know if its possible to get some shots done just for an hour or so, just to meorise the FUN! 🙂 if you do that sort of thing could you pretty please email me at hourly rate and things like that?
    ps: love your work ❤


  3. Hi Lara,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Currently I am travelling Europe and will not be available for any photography work in January. Hope all goes well for your friends 18th bday party – have fun 🙂


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